Thursday, 14 February 2013

Somebody dial 999

UPDATE: a four-minute delay on the 19:19 tube from Edgware Road to Waterloo this evening, but I did't miss my connecting train, so this sin is forgiven.  And, unusually (as I'm sure even the staunchest TfL ally amongst my readers would agree), that train was on time too.  Signal Failure: nil points.

Or 911 if you're American.  This morning's delay was brought to you by 'emergency engineering works', which cause me to have to change trains at Surbiton in order to get to Waterloo, where I ended up 24 minutes late.  The connecting tube added another two minutes' delay, making me 27 minutes late overall, when you factor in the connecting tube I should have been able to take's published departure and arrival times.

Last night, the tube from Edgware Road to Waterloo was two minutes late, so I missed my connecting train, and the train I was able to take after that was four minutes late within the TfL network, getting me home 34 minutes late.  There was no explanation offered for the second delay, but the first was down to the 'earlier suspension' on the Bakerloo Line - presumably the one that led to my suffering yesterday morning.

So, since the last update, that's 61 minutes and £152.50.  Also two more crosses for the Tube Bingo card, but sadly not ones producing a bingo.


Anonymous said...

911. Is this the international edition? You can also sprinkle a few terms like mass transit, metro, subway or u-bahn for the non-UK readers? :)

Signal Failure said...

If you can answer for your preferred country's higher readership levels, I will gladly doff my verbal hat to you and your countrymen and women.

American readership has been on the rise for a while now, so they get the odd translation to ensure we're not separated by our common language. I draw the line at adopting the irrational hatred for the letter 'u', however, and the love affair with 'z', which should always be read as 'zed' on this site.

My German's pretty good, and I have limited French, Arabic, Italian and Russian, but I'm game for a new challenge!