Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Passenger taken ill

This passenger.  Specifically, a stomach bug.  Kept me off the tubes, buses, and trains, I'm afraid.  But I'm here now, and ready to update you.

First, last Thursday's journey home: five-minute delay on the tube, but doesn't count as I didn't miss my connecting train to Hersham.  That train arrived a minute early, so £2.50 credit to TfL.

This morning's journey in was similarly mind-boggling: the train from Hersham to Waterloo arrived five minutes early.  This meant I got an earlier connecting tube than would otherwise have been possible.  Even though that tube departed a minute late, it arrived on time, making me overall six minutes earlier to work than I would otherwise have been.

Altogether, I find myself wondering if I'm still sick (or sick for an entirely different reason) as I pay TfL back £17.50.
(Image credit: mashable)

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