Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Perfect score and perfectly pathetic

A one minute-delay on yesterday's tube journey from Edgware Road to Waterloo did not make me miss my train, which was three minutes late (£7.50).

This morning was another matter altogether.  After dropping my daughter off at day care, I took the train from Hampton Court to Waterloo.  For the first time I can remember, it arrived exactly on time.  But the trouble began after that.  I went down to the Bakerloo Line, in order to catch the 09:34 to Edgware Road.

After sitting on the aforementioned train on the platform for nine minutes, trying to make out a series of inaudible excuses from the driver, I eventually did hear the platform announcer telling us the entire line was now suspended, owing to a passenger action at Charing Cross.

I managed to jump on the 09:48 Northern Line north-bound, thinking to change at Euston to get to King's Cross, and thence via the Circle, Metropolitan, or Hammersmith & City Lines to Edgware Road/Paddington, from where I can walk to work.  This tube train was on time.  The next (the Northern Line south-bound to King's Cross) was one minute late because we were 'being held at a red signal in order to regulate the service'.

Changed to Circle (etc.) Line platforms.  Nope: no service from those platforms owing to signal failure.  Left station, and took two buses to get to work - finally - at 10:51.  That's one hour, four minutes later than should be the case.  £160.  And a terrific Tube Bingo card with two days to run!

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