Monday, 18 February 2013

Oh, the humanity!

I really am trying not to comment on this bit of news, that's been developing for some months.  I just can't help myself!

TfL's trying to sell its expertise to several cities in India so that they can build effective metropolitan transport systems.  I am completely serious.

Granted, my several visits to different parts of India indicate the public transport network there might need a little work, but you're going to TfL for help?  TfL's network is the European equivalent of one of those inhumanly-crowded Indian trains of which you always see pictures.  All the other cities laugh at us for our abysmal record on punctuality, standards of service, cleanliness, and the monstrous cost to passengers.

TfL: India has suffered enough.  Don't make it worse!

India: you kicked the British out more than half a century ago.  Why are you letting them back in?

Above: Indian commuter trains.  Below: a typical TfL service in rush hour.  Can you tell the difference?  That's right: the Indian one is actually moving.
Image credits: Daily Mail, and

* This post dedicated to my (Indian) father-in-law.

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