Monday, 4 February 2013

Delays again, but surprisingly little news...

An extended weekend break from Signal Failure(s), since I generally work from home on Fridays, but we're back into the new week with those little retardations that are par for the course around here:
  • Thursday night my tube was two minutes late, and this was followed in true style by another two-minute delay on the train to Hersham.  However, since the tube delay didn't cause me to miss my train, that makes just two minutes in total.
  • This morning, my train was seven minutes late arriving in Hersham, which I don't count since it was outside of TfL's network at the time.  However, we were 10 minutes late by the time we arrived at Waterloo, and therefore three minutes late within TfL's network.  This was followed by a three-minute delay on the Bakerloo Line, despite the announcement that there were no reported delays on any London Underground lines.  Guess if it wasn't a 'reported' delay, that doesn't count as lying.
Altogether, that's eight minutes, which is £20.

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