Friday, 15 February 2013


The Bakerloo Line was a treat this evening.  Got to the platform in time to catch the 18:07, but no train arrived until 18:15.  I was physically unable to board as it was so overcrowded.  Not to worry: the next train was up on the board as only a minute behind, though it turned out to be three minutes behind.  And almost as full.  A very sweaty and unpleasant journey, constantly off-balance and with people sticking their armpits in my face.

That earned me a 12 minute delay overall, but I wouldn't have been able to catch an earlier train anyway, so I won't count that beyond the reason, which earns me an extra tick on my Tube Bingo card (nearly a bingo, but not quite):
I will take £5 for the two-minute delay on the train to Hersham though.

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