Monday, 18 February 2013

Only a little bit of this was TfL's fault...

Broken ticket machines made me miss both the 07:19 and the 07:30 - and of course it was too much to hope that the ticket office be manned at this time.  The 07:49 was cancelled (overrunning engineering works somewhere near Woking). 08:00 was six late within TfL's network.  This made me 43 minutes late into Waterloo overall, but because all problems bar the last six minutes were because of issues out of TfL's network, I can only recognise the six minutes.

I tried to get the 08:37 connecting tube, but it was too crowded to physically enter, so I got the 08:39, which was a minute delayed by the time it arrived at Edgware Road.  Had the 08:00 from Hersham arrived on time, I would have been at work nine minutes earlier than was the case.  So that's just £22.50.

But because I'm feeling even more spiteful than usual after this morning's journey, I'll draw your attention to a little news item, which tells us that 223 TfL staff members are on salaries of over £100K, which presumably explains why we the passengers continue to pay for above-inflation fare rises.

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