Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Sold down the river

Two-minute delay from Edgware Road to Waterloo yesterday afternoon, which we'll forgive as it didn't cause me to miss the connecting train to Hersham.  That was four minutes late, though, so it'll cost £10.

This morning, the journey was from Hampton Court to Edgeware Road via Waterloo.  The train was a minute late arriving, causing me to take a connecting tube that was two minutes later than should otherwise have been possible, itself delayed by four minutes.  Six minutes delay overall for another £15.

Elsewhere in the Tubeverse, there's welcome news for Northern Line passengers: as early as next year, an improved signalling system will allow for a 20% capacity increase on what is the tube’s busiest line.  That equates to an extra 11,000 customers every hour.  I'll believe it when I see it, but let's pretend I'm cautiously optimistic for the time being.

And if you enjoy commuting in the bitter cold and wet, there are plans to let you better enjoy your weird hobby: 11 additional riverboat stops will adorn our River Thames by 2020.  A bit of a long wait, if it happens at all, but if you like the discomfort of the wet and cold anyway, what's a long wait, right?

That's it for the moment.

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