Thursday, 7 February 2013

Bicycle race

Good news if you're a devotee of the Boris Bikes: you may be pissed of at having had the fee double this year; you may be pissed off at subsidising the scheme through your local council taxes (especially if you don't make use of it and get precious little benefit from more holier-than-thou cyclists clogging up the roads and pavements - the latter of which is illegal, by the way); you may be pissed off that Barclays, the corporate sponsor of the scheme has paid so far only scant over a fifth of the promised £50m; however, you should at least start being able to find one of the damn things for hire soon.

TfL has finally decided to make its contractors, Serco, do what they're paid to do, and ensure bikes are more regularly ditributed around the capital.  TfL said:

"Serco 'works hard to redistribute the bikes' but admitted 'an average of 83 stations are empty for more than six hours each day.'"
"He added that 'Londoners deserve better' from the scheme and warned 'Serco must raise its game or face significant financial penalties.'"
Damn straight we deserve better.  But seriously: 83 stations are empty for more than six hours every day?  Eighty-three?!  I'm not really sure that qualifies as working hard.

So, good news if you're a Boris Bike fan, not so good news if you work for Serco.  But then, who does?

Do you have any experiences of absent Boris Bikes to share?

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