Thursday, 8 August 2013

And the final delays...

Alright then: delays for yesterday and the final journey last week (before my holiday, which was very agreeable, thank you), the last day in the year since Signal Failure began.  Following this, I'll get a letter sent out and reposted here as soon as I can make the time to do so.  Updates after that will be a couple of bits and pieces I find interesting and, of course, any response received from TfL.  Stay tuned...

Last Tuesday, then, the tube from Paddington to Waterloo was a minute early, but the train to Hersham was two minutes late, so a £5 charge.

Yesterday, the journey in featured a train that was three minutes early arriving in Waterloo, but the fact that both ticket machines in Hersham were broken, and the ticket office not open, meant I lost five minutes finding someone at the platform in Waterloo to explain this to and buy a ticket from.  This meant I was two minutes late by this point.  This led to me catching a later tube than I should have been able to, and resulted in an overall six-minute delay on my way into work (including the two-minute Paddington penalty).

Last night, the tube from Paddington to Waterloo was four minutes late, causing me to miss the fast train to Hersham, and the slow train was a minute late, making a total delay of 27 minutes.

All in all, the final delays to report for Signal Failure amount to 35 minutes and £87.50 to add to the tally.