Tuesday, 5 February 2013

More on the expenses scandal, and other news

My journey home last night came complete with a one-minute delay on the Bakerloo Line, which I won't count as it didn't cause me to miss my connecting train to Hersham.  Which was two minutes late.

This morning, I took the train from Norbiton to Waterloo after dropping my daughter off at day care.  The train was late in arriving, and 18 minutes late by the time it arrived at Waterloo.  This was due to 'congestion at Waterloo caused by earlier delays'.  The connecting Bakerloo Line to Edgware Road was three minutes late, owing to 'operational issues', which seems to be the new excuse du jour.  Perhaps I should change the name of this blog...

Anyway, altogether this made me 21 minutes later to work than I should have been.  Add the two minutes from last night, and we're up to 23 minutes and £57.50

In the news today, do you remember the TfL bosses' expense scandal?  Well, from April on they'll be publishing all their expenses, so you can pick them apart to find just how many coffee mugs and Internet porn they've been paying for using your ticket fares.  The sad thing is, I'm not even joking.  Take a look at this choice quote:
"In the most recent year for which figures are available, transport Commissioner Sire Peter Hendy claimed more than £2,500 on taxis.
"By comparison Mayor Boris Johnson has claimed just 107.19 in taxis in the current financial year."
Meanwhile, at least some of our money is going towards worthwhile investments.  If you use the Victoria Line anyway: it now offers the 'most intensive train service in Britain' at peak times.  Anyone use the Victoria Line to commute?  Is your journey simply blissful now?

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