Thursday, 7 February 2013

Update and correction

Good morning!  A fairly easy ride in to work today: 'just' a three-minute delay on the train from Hersham to Waterloo (stopping for no explained reason between stations), and another two minutes on the tube from there to Edgware Road.  Though I have to add another three minutes to that because I was physically unable to get on the first tube that came along due to overcrowding.  Together with the fact that, even had I been able to make this first tube, it was not the connection I should have been able to get, this means that I arrived at work 11 minutes later than I should have.

£27.50.  And the Tube Bingo inches ever closer.
However, I have to issue a correction on yesterday morning's update.  Something about those numbers didn't sit right wth me all day, and I realised I'd mistyped a single digit when recording my journey on the mobile (or 'cell phone', since you Americans are rapidly becoming my number one source of readers) in real time.  Accordingly, I was 'only' 44 minutes late yesterday, not 54 as previously advertised.  I'll rectify this by removing £25 from this morning's income, so it's just £2.50 to the tab.  For now.

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