Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Windfall for Signal Failure

What an exciting 24 hours!  Take a look at my Tube Bingo card for this week:
Looks promising, doesn't it?  Only one day to go, though, unless I elect to work from home on Friday, which I may well do as my in-laws are coming to stay (NB this is not because I'm trying to avoid my in-laws, but because I haven't set up the garden office yet, and I don't want to be underfoot for them on their first day with us after the long drive from Germany.)

So, what happened last night and this morning to bring us to this state of affairs?
  1. The tube from Edgware Road to Waterloo was delayed by three minutes, due to 'operational issues'
  2. This caused me to miss the connecting 19:02 from Waterloo to Hersham, so I had to get the 19:20, so although this was on time, I arrived 27 minutes later than I should have.  My daughter, who had during the course of yesterday taken ill, was in bed and asleep by this time, so I missed the chance to be with and comfort her - and apparently she'd been asking for me desperately.  Tempted as I am to impose a £1,000,000 spot fine for that, I'll stick by the rules I created and only charge for a 27-minute delay
  3. This morning's 07:49 from Hersham to Waterloo arrived 11 minutes late.  Though this is outside the TfL network, I'm charging it because the problem lay with a 'faulty board' which stopped trains both leaving and entering Waterloo - or something like that, the announcement was mostly inaudible.  By the time we arrived at Waterloo, we were 23 minutes late
  4. This caused me to take a later connecting tube than I otherwise would have, causing me to arrive at work, in the end, 54 minutes later than I should have.  This is because the Bakerloo Line was also delayed because of (announced) 'operational issues' and (witnessed) severe overcrowding (people were queueing from the platforms to the ticket gates) and broken escalators.
So, all in all that's a 27-minute delay yesterday and a 54-minute delay this morning.  Total: 81 minutes, £202.50

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