Thursday, 31 January 2013

London Funderground, to steal The Independent's headline

Somehow I didn't get around to updating you on my trip home yesterday.  Despite leaving a minute late, the tube arrived at Waterloo on time, so I made the 19:02, which only accrued a two-minute delay.

This morning, after dropping my daughter off at day care (she slept through the night, but surprised us this morning at just after six by getting out of bed, letting herself out of the room and wandering around the corridor - have to get those stair gates up again, or risk bleary eyes causing a nasty fall), the train from Hampton Court was four minutes late by the time it arrived at Waterloo, and the tube added a further minute - though overall I arrived six minutes later than I should have if I'd been able to take the intended tube.

So, all in all eight minutes' worth of delays, amounting to £20.

In less personal news, from 2015 tubes will keep running till later on Friday and Saturday nights (reported elsewhere first, but it's the first link I cam across).  Trade unions are already whingeing.

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