Friday, 28 September 2012

Some transport news

First, TfL again refusing to do anything about dangerous traffic situation, this time by only leaving traffic lights working for three hours a day and insisting putting them on for 24 hours a day wouldn't help things.  Obviously public opinion, from pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, disagrees, but TfL is not their to serve the people who pay their salaries.  I have no idea of the real reason behind this refusal, so I assume that it's got to do with somehow generating signal failures elsewhere on the system.

Second, in Croyden, TfL is working with the local council to try and force children to walk to school, rather than be driven there.  While I approve of the exercise, the lessening of pollution, and the diminishing of the horror of school run traffic, something about this seems wrong, and it's the fact that we bloody well pay for the use of those roads, so being encouraged not to use them is a bloody cheek.  How about more and better bus services for the schools?

Third, Bob Crow continues with his domestic terrorism to prevent technological progress.

Fourth, check out plans for SkyCycle, in which special cycle lanes will be built above the streets of the capital in order to protect drivers from cyclists' inconsiderate and downright dangerous lack of basic road skills.

Fifth, and most importantly, in a more general rail services piece, there's some compelling evidence that our train operators are using the money they claim from Network Rail as a nice little earner for themselves.  They keep more than 90% of what they get, throwing a few crumbs their passengers' ways.  Sorry the picture is sideways (but not very).
Does anyone know how to get this to rotate the right way?

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