Monday, 10 September 2012

Red lights, grey morning

Nothing original to report this morning; a one minute delay on the train for no particular reason, followed by being held at a red signal while a platform opened up, led to a 10-minute delay in my commute this morning for an extra £25.

In other news, it seems we may finally have seen the last of the summer.  Such as it was.

Let's see if the journey home brings us anything fresh for the Tube Bingo card (did you remember yours this morning?)...

UPDATE: the return journey was a great one(!)  The District Line from Edgware Road to Wimbledon took a small series of delays for a thoroughly inaudible reason.  Once the driver had figured out his PA problem, we stopped for a red signal that evolved into a full-blown signal failure.  Fifteen minutes late into Wimbledon, I obviously missed my connecting train to Hampton Court.  The next one arrived a minute late and got to its final destination a minute late.  No explanation was offered.  In all, that makes a delay of 31 minutes from my original projected arrival time for another £77.50.

On the plus side, my Tube Bingo card is looking good.
NB: astute readers may remember I once circumvented a missed train at Wimbledon via a very circuitous route.  I felt it only fair not to do the same this time for comparative purposes...

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