Monday, 17 September 2012


TfL is spending taxpayer money on dubious investments again.  This time, it's to buy a fleet of the new Routemaster buses nobody else wants.  That's £180m in taxpayers' money, which you can damn-well bet will be reflected in ticket price hikes come the new year.

Vroom, vroom!
'Credit': TfL
Luckily, TfL has always displayed a shrewd sense for business investments that will ultimately save the customers money, rather than take more of their money and throw it our there to attract ruinous private sponsorship while servicing a comparative few.  Like the Boris Bikes.  And the cable cars.  Oh, wait: right!

In more amusing news, a cycling campaigner has called for a 'drive to work' day in London, I can only assume to show drivers how miserable their commuting lives would be were it not for virtuous cyclists.  As I've explained before, of course, it's not that we object to cyclists in principle, nor even the majority of them.  Indeed, we recognise the many great things about the concept of cycling to work and the mindset of the people who do so regularly.

What that doesn't mean is that any of them have a right to ignore the rules of the road, causing severe havoc (not to mention danger of death) to motorists and pedestrians alike.  I'll take a slower road system over those deaths any day.

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