Thursday, 6 September 2012

May I confidently predict no problems from here on in?

This morning I got to scratch off another window in my Tube Bingo card for this week: a nine-minute delay caused by having to leave my train at High Street Kensington station when it suddenly decided to terminate there owing to overrunning/ongoing engineering works at Edgware Road.  Presumably, they had hoped that if they kept mum about this all the way from the beginning of the 'service' at Wimbledon, the problem would have sorted itself out by the time we got there.  Wrong.

And I'd be interested in knowing how these engineering works prevented my tube train from going all the way to Edgware Road, but not any of the trains that followed it.  Guess I just must have been unlucky, then?

So, a good return to form for TfL after yesterday morning's extravaganza.  Nine minutes' delay equals another £22.50 on the invoice.

Still, on the plus side I imagine the engineering works will have made Edgware Road immune to difficulties for the foreseeable future.  That's the way this all works, isn't it?

Stay tuned tonight for the end of today's saga, when I'll also post my updated Tube Bingo card.  Just for shits and giggles.

UPDATE: just a one minute delay on the journey home today, though likely because I took a taxi almost halfway for an industry shindig I had to stop of at for a while.  Still, that's another £2.50.  And, as promised, here's my Tube Bingo card:

Despite plenty of delays, I'm not doing so well.  I guess my reasons are off and, while I'm tempted to change some of them, that wouldn't exactly be fair play. now would it?  Still, there's one more day to go.  And there's always next week!

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