Thursday, 13 September 2012

Stand clear of the doors please

Another classic commute courtesy of TfL. 

The train from Hampton Court to Wimbledon was delayed by a minute, which would have cause me to miss the connecting tube to Edgware Road (note: if you read my last post on tube stations and life expectancy, you'll see I've decided to live dangerously...) but for the fact that some 'earlier signal failures' - note the plural! - meant that the 07:45 didn't depart until 08:01, a full 16 minutes late.

Despite further delays due to... wait for it... defective doors on our train, we managed to claw back three minutes and arrive at my final destination 'only' 13 minutes late for £32.50.

Tonight on Signal Failure: will our intrepid hero get home in reasonable time, or will he fall foul of TfL's dastardly inconsistency?  PLUS: watch out for an upload of this week's Tube Bingo card.  Will I be one of this week's lucky winners?  Stay tuned...

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