Tuesday, 4 September 2012

In which I save TfL money

Normally, I'd simply post my return commute as an update to the outward journey.  Today, however, I've decided on a different approach just to who how fair and generous I am.

So my tube was delayed by six minutes coming home, owing to two separate stops between stations (the first because we were being held at a red signal, the second to wait for a platform to become free).  This caused me to miss my connecting train that would complete the journey - despite pegging it up and down stairs and through Wimbledon station.

Now these trains only run every half hour, so in theory that delays me by a total of half an hour and therefore nets me another £75.  However, quick thinking on the part of our hero (that's me, for the hard of understanding) allowed me to take a train to a different destination (Kingston) and then a bus from there to my home.  This meant I only arrived at my destination, which I counted as being as distant from my home as my first-choice rail station, with a delay of 18 minutes (or £45), saving TfL 12 minutes (or £30).

You're welcome TfL!

In the future, I'll go back to a single post for a day's commute in both directions, even in such circumstances.  This highlight was just to demonstrate that I'm doing everything in my power to make my journey as fast as possible despite TfL's inefficiency, and that I'm not cynically trying to maximise my claim at the end of the 12-month period this blog will cover.

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