Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Working from home

I'm working from home today in order to take my daughter to a hospital appointment (important, but not serious [if that makes sense] for anyone that's curious), so no real news, beyond yesterday's one-minute delay coming home from work for another £2.50 on the tab.

However, my trip to drop my daughter off at daycare today (I'll pick her up again later for the appointment, then take her back) made me wonder: has anyone else noticed how buses in London seem to think it's OK to take up as much damn space as they please?  I mean, they literally straddle two lanes with no attempt to keep to just one.  Check it out:
It may look like this bus is just changing lanes, but buses in Kingston drive like this all the fucking time, whether changing lanes, turning, or simply driving straight ahead.
Image credit: Wikipedia
Also, the regular drivers in Kingston seem completely unable to stay in their lanes when turning corners or negotiating even minor bends in the road.  Where did they learn to drive FFS?

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