Monday, 24 September 2012

I see the hand of the Jesus Geese in this

The weather, I mean; not the delays.  I think the Jesus Geese are trying to flood us out of London by presiding over the rain we've suffered yesterday and today.  The only positive side to this development is that it will mean TfL will (eventually) go under.  (Sorry!)  In the meantime, I expect we'll all be able to enjoy a few "flooding" excuses on our daily journeys, which may well be helpful for everyone's Tube Bingo games.

We apologise for the delay to this service
(Image credit: Huffington Post)

In more mundane news, I had a total of five minutes' delay on the way into work this morning, thanks to the late arrival (by three minutes) of my morning Overground train to Waterloo, causing me to catch a later connecting tube than that recommended by Journey Planner.  This tube was itself delayed by a couple of minutes.

Over the weekend, I had to make an emergency shopping trip into Kingston (yes, the is such a thing, but don't ask for the details because I won't tell you them).  Both my bus in and back were delayed by a minute, for another two to the scorecard (sorry not to post this over the weekend: our computer at home has broken, probably an attempt by TfL to silence me). 

So: the total since Friday night is seven minutes, which equates to £17.50.

UPDATE: I'll take another £2.50 for the minute's delay coming home.  Thanks muchly.

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