Friday, 14 September 2012

Soooooooo close!

It's just not fair!  I went home via the Bakerloo line from Edgware Road.  As you might be aware, it has a lift (elevator for you Americans reading this - a surprising number and my second highest readership!).  As you'll further be aware, if you've been paying attention, my Tube Bingo card for this week was only missing a faulty lift or escalator excuse for a full column.

The lift doors failed to close... and failed... and failed... ... ...

...and closed.  No announcement.  I missed the tube I had intended to take as a consequence of this, with the next one coming three minutes later, but ultimately I've decided I can't claim this one to complete my streak.  Damn.

£7.50 has never tasted so bitter, but there's always next week...

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