Friday, 7 September 2012

It could be a lot worse

No delays on my way in this morning (you win this round, but I'll get you next time, Gadget: NEXT TIIIIIME!), so to fill the gap until my journey home I offer you the following news that, to my mind, suggests that TfL, if not actively trying to kill Londoners now, is at least doing its best to avoid helping them survive their trips about the capital.

Phrases particularly indicative of TfL's attitude seem to be:
"...while there are pledges made  whenever a cyclist is killed on London’s roads, these do not lead to concrete action."
"More than three months on, TfL, who control this main road, show no signs of acting. Deplorably, TfL has never implemented the improved safety measures proposed as a result of the big consultation exercise in 2005. They appear more concerned for the speed of their buses than for public safety. The accident record on Camden Road is very poor."
"...another example of both Mr Johnson and TfL failing to get things done and failing to follow up on their plans."
"For the past 25 years I’ve been writing to TfL over this road and we’ve struggled on with years of plans, but absolutely nothing has happened."
You know what?  Just read the article.  It's not all that long.  So the burning question is: how many more have to die before TfL pulls its finger out?

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