Friday, 21 September 2012

Depressingly familiar

UPDATE: nope, nothing to report.  Journey home worked fine, a nice weekend present from TfL.  Much appreciated.

Yet again, an unexplained accumulation of delay on the train to Waterloo, bringing me in three minutes late, forcing me to take a later connecting tube train, bringing me to my destination, Edgware Road, five minutes later than I should have been there.  That's £12.50 added to the bill.

In less personal news, you might be interested to read this report from TfL (skip to page 21), which summarises complaints made to TfL  (I got this via Londonist, so cheers for that Londonist dudes and dudettes).

Of course, TfL is high-fiving itself on the low proportion of complaints it received last year.  Of course, what this is more likely to show up is how difficult TfL makes it to complain effectively, and it takes no account of the frequently rude and aggressive staff who, dare I suggest, more often than not will never do anything with a verbal complaint.  And take a look at the fun involved making an online complaint (is there a link for making complaints or claiming your money back on the homepage?  Not that I can see!).  As for getting a nice piece of paper to snail-mail post your complaint (after queueing for a few hours to get to the officials behind the ticket desks): pfah! is all I have to say on the matter.

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