Monday, 3 September 2012

Working guy

A one minute delay on the train from Hampton Court to Wimbledon caused me to miss my connecting tube (I was in time to see it pull away from the platform, and while you may correctly point out that I should have known better, bear in mind it's not me who broke the schedule). This would have meant I arrived at my final destination eight minutes later than planned and was consequently a couple of minutes late for my very first day in my new job.

No explanation was offered for the delay. However, my tube train was ALSO delayed by a couple of minutes because, and I quote, "We're going to be held here for a couple of minutes."
Overall, a 10 minute delay for another £25.
Thanks, TfL!

UPDATE: my new boss was delayed on the Metropolitan line for 15 minutes, so he didn't know I was late.  Thanks again, TfL, but you're not off the hook.  Especially as my journey home was delayed by a minute with no explanation given again...

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