Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Well now: what's new?

I had a slightly different journey to make today.  Pretty last minute yesterday I was asked to take part in a research workshop with one of the financial companies out Canary Wharf way first thing this morning, so I had to rearrange child care duties with my wife.

TfL managed this in just two days!  If
only I were at the office more this week
it would have been a Tube Bingo for
My train into Waterloo was as normal, both in the route, and in the delays, which amounted to 16 minutes owing to a combination of overrunning engineering works and earlier defective trains.  After that, there was a one minute delay on the Jubilee Line, which was so small TfL didn't feel the need to apologise.  Overall, then, I got to my destination 17 minutes late.

Because of the child care switcherooney, I decided there was no point going to the office after my meeting only to leave it shortly before 16:00, so I headed straight home, where I could at least work till 17:30, and since the office would have been in the opposite direction.  Happily here, both the tube and the train were on time, probably because we were outside of rush hour.

There was an annoyingly loud brat-pack of American children being ineffectually supervised, but I guess I can't blame TfL for that one.


Anonymous said...

Fine for being 1 minute late. Ouch!

Signal Failure said...

It all adds up my friend, it all adds up.