Monday, 12 November 2012

Beer, bouncy castles and bingo

UPDATE: A very happy birthday to London Overground, which turned five today.  Said London Mayor Boris Johnson (with his usual apparent complete unawareness that he's just said something very, very funny):
"London Overground has become a shining example of how railways should be run..."

Bit of a bumper crop of delays for you this morning, since I'm including a couple of trips over the weekend that I was just too tired to write about.

On Saturday afternoon, I took my daughter into Kingston so she could visit the Jellybugs play cafe (she is obsessed with the bouncy castle there at the moment).  I would have taken the car, but she insisted on the bus.

The bus in was three minutes late, and I'm calling it eight minutes late returning, since the first bus (a 216) that arrived refused to let on any more passengers as it was so full.  This entirely avoidable situation is due to poor planning of Saturday afternoon services by TfL, so they have to pay for it.

That evening, I spontaneously decided to meet my best friend for a drink (at Stein's - where else?).  The bus in was on time (though we did have the bus driver shout at all his passengers generally to stop pushing the button more than once for a stop.  Given that it was pushed twice, in quick succession, and therefore likely either someone thinking they hadn't pushed it firmly enough the first time, or just two coincidentally close pushes by separate people on different decks, the driver's reaction seems a little extreme.  Of course, I don't know how long he'd been putting up with this terrible, terrible situation, but it still seems to me he should either grow up or get another job.  The trip back was delayed by three minutes.

This morning, I got some good delays and some new Tube Bingo scratches to begin the week: the train into Waterloo was nine minutes late, owing to a passenger taken ill, and the connecting tube to Edgware Road was three minutes' delayed due to being held at a red signal.  I arrived at my final destination a total of 11 minutes late.  Added to the weekend's adventures, that makes a total of 25 minutes (or £62.50) since I last updated.  A promising start.

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