Wednesday, 14 November 2012

I know why you're all suddenly converging on Signal Failure

UPDATE: Sadly, still no bingo for me.  Just another two minutes final delay today, accrued on the train from Wimbledon to Hampton Court (there was a minute's delay to the preceding tube journey, but as it didn't cause me to miss my connection it doesn't count).  Still, that's another £5.

You're hoping to see the first Tube Bingo announced this morning, aren't you?  I know we were tantalisingly close yesterday, but I'm afraid the delays this morning did not come with any excuses, so no new strikes as yet.  Still, there's always this evening and both of tomorrow's journeys to go so stay tuned.

Now, as for this morning: three minutes late arriving into Waterloo, forcing me to take a later connecting Bakerloo Line train, itself a further minute delayed.  Six minutes in total to add £15 to the tally, which brings the grand total up to over £2,000 in almost exactly two and a half months.  If TfL actually coughs up at the end of the year, this could prove very lucrative.

Well, exactly as lucrative (theoretically) as if they hadn't wasted so much of my time...

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