Friday, 16 November 2012

TfL shows me the money, but not the Bingo

UPDATE: in the end I took two more journeys today: one to a meeting with an advertising agency (the ultimate source of all the problems I mentioned yesterday, which by the way I fixed, John), and one from there directly home (since the meeting ended up requiring about two hours more than they had originally budgeted for).

The first journey was from Edgware Road to Chalk Farm, requiring a change from the Circle to the Northern Line at King's Cross.  The original tube was three minutes late arriving at Edgware Road, but we'd made up a minute by the time we got to Chalk Farm.

The second journey was from Chalk Farm to Hampton Court.  The tube to Waterloo was actually two miuntes early arriving, but as this wasn't enough to enable me to catch an earlier train to Hampton Court, it doesn't garner a refund, since I was still delayed by another eight minutes on the train that represented the final leg of the journey.  The two tube journeys came with no excuses (or boasts, in the case of the second, to give TfL its due), while the train journey blamed 'congestion' around Waterloo, so that trains were 'being held' (delayed) in departing in order to regulate all the services so that none suffered especially bad delays.

That excuse puts a new scratch into the week's Tube Bingo card.  However, as those of you who've been paying attention will already know, it's not the right square to allow me to win this week's game.  Still, it has left me geared up for next week's, and I hope you'll join me too.  The final scorecard for this week is directly below:
Busy weekend ahead, so don't expect any updates - though I may find time to bring you far-flung TfL news updates.  We'll see.  Ten minutes and £25 up, thanks to TfL's performance this afternoon.

Six minutes late into Waterloo this morning, and the conencting tube another two minutes late.  No excuses, despite announcements claiming all lines were operating a good service, with no reported blah, blah, blah.

Overall, I got to work seven minutes later than I should have for another £17.50.  But no Tube Bingo, and only one more chance with the journey home this afternoon (since I've no public transport travel planned this weekend).  I'm sooooooooo close...
So near, and yet so far...

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