Thursday, 29 November 2012

Some pieces in the news this morning I thought worth sharing

 With only minimal commentary as I'm busy...
  1. Could public transport in the UK ever be free?  It's about to be in Tallinn.  It is in a number of other places in the UK.  TfL thinks the idea's laughable in London.  They make some fair points about the respective levels of passengers, but one gets the feeling they haven't ever actually seriously considered whether it might be possible
  2. TfL continues with its plans for world domination
  3. Good news for Tescos employees: Jim Connor has joined your ranks.  He was formerly in charge of TfL's employee engagement plan around the Olympics, which saw, I believe, four strikes over wanting bonuses in order to engage with the Olympic spirit.  A successful campaign for internal communications to raise the Blitz spirit, then.  More money can only be coming your way soon, my supermarket friends

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