Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Bravo, TfL!

No, seriously.  Remember that the unions are threatening the traditional Boxing Day strike again this year?  Well, TfL just publicly announced its latest, eminently reasonable, offer.

Oh, this is priceless!  Look at what Steve Grant, district rabble-rouser for Aslef said:
“These talks have been sabotaged by them choosing to put out this particular offer out to all parties in public.”
You can almost hear the whining in his voice.  Now that the offers are public, the public can see just what greedy bastards these people really are.  I quoted The Young Ones not long ago, and I will do so again - this time in the wise words of Rick:

"Aslef is an anagram for total and complete bastard."
(Image credit: ramp.ie)
I think that settles it.  Brilliant tactic by TfL.  I'm almost tempted to declare a 24-hour amnesty on delays.  Almost.

UPDATE: incidentally, this post marks my 100th since beginning Signal Failure.  Think I'll go out to dinner at Jamie's Italian tonight with the wife to celebrate.

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