Thursday, 15 November 2012

Super exciting update!

There will, after all, be another chance for a Tube Bingo this week - at least two, in fact!  You see, somewhat amusingly after telling my new friend Anonymous John (scroll to the comments) about work ethics and the like, I'm now going to have to go into the office tomorrow to deal with a minor emergency, rather than work from home as I usually do on a Friday.

Basically, someone has made a balls-up and, while it's not my fault (it's a legacy thing from before I started my current role), I do consider it my responsibility to fix it.  So despite the fact that I could simply let it happen and shrug my shoulders, I'm going to take on a lot of extra work and flak to pick up the pieces and make something useful out of it.

Of course, anyone who takes even a modicum of pride in their work, or indeed in themselves, won't see this as particularly heroic.  However, people like John (and the downtrodden tube employees for whom he has appointed himself champion) clearly need this basic sense of responsibility spelling out for them.

Whatever.  The point is that I will have to brave the London and surrounding environs' transport system again tomorrow at least twice.  Which at least has an upside in that I have two more chances of making that bingo, since I did not tonight.  I did experience delays.  Just a couple of minutes (or £5), and therefore of course without excuse, since wasting a couple of minutes of 1.1 billion people's time nearly every single journey is nothing to whinge about, or indeed even remark upon.  Oh, how I love perspective.  Especially mine.

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