Tuesday, 20 November 2012

I'm back!

UPDATE: staggeringly good service from TfL tonight (!): I was the victim of a concerted effort to block the journey home.
  • The Bakerloo Line was suffering delays due to a person taken ill at Maida Vale
  • The Circle Line was suspended Westbound from Paddington owing to an earlier signal Failure
  • The District Line was also suffering minor delays for some unexplained reason (but, I'm guessing to do with the Circle Line's woes given that they seem to share the same track in a lot of the place, though why A Circle can be suspended on a track and a District not on the same track is beyond me - TfL logic, I guess, though if John would care to explain I'd honestly be very interested)
So, District Line's my best bet, right?  Turns out 'minor delays' mean 10 minutes late arriving at Paddington and 14 minutes late by the time we get to Wimbledon for the connecting train (extra delay caused by being held at a red Signal outside Waterloo).  Too late for it.  Had to wait for the next one.  This one more or less ran on time.  "Wait!" I hear you say, "how can something be more or less on time?  It's either on time or it isn't!"  OK, then, it wasn't: it was a minute late.  Total delay of 31 minutes over expected arrival time for a grand total of £77.50.

That's one hell of a journey as far as Tube Bingo is concerned, as you can plainly see!

A total of five minutes' delay this morning, gained entirely on the train journey to Waterloo, and due to "slippery rail conditions" again.  I wonder if this will become the favoured excuse this winter?  It's even quite mild today, and only a little rainy.  Wouldn't have thought that was anything out of the ordinary for an overground train in the UK, but apparently planning for weather wasn't part of the system's construction.  Shame, really.

That's just £12.50 for now, but I expect it'll rise on the journey home tonight!

In other news, look forward to a 24-hour strike this Friday.  I wonder if you'll all be given full refunds for the day's travel (I'll be working from home)?  That would seem fair, so I doubt it.

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