Monday, 19 November 2012

Probably only news today...

...if there's anything interesting.  Haven't checked yet.  But the reason for that is not adequate performance by TfL today, it's because I'm working from home.  You see, as the final part of the fall out of last week's work 'emergency', I needed to be on a call this morning first thing, which I wouldn't have been able to coordinate with dropping my daughter off at the child minder's and going into work.

Of course, that call was moved last minute to midday, so in the end I could have gone into the office, which would have been useful, but I found out too late.

I've also got the day off on Thursday as we're moving house over the next few weeks, so I'll have to have the occasional day.  And likely working form home as usual on Friday.  Don't foresee an exciting week at Signal Failure therefore.  Sorry!

Unless you're from TfL, in which case: congratulations - you've lucked out this week!

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