Thursday, 8 November 2012

Doesn't look promising

UPDATE: just two minutes' total delay (£5) on the journey home - no excuses offered.

So here's my Tube Bingo card for the week so far.  I guess it was only to be expected with two days from home and very-far-out-of-rush-hour travel, but it's not looking promising.  Still, there's always the journey home today to come, and with TfL, you never know!
This morning's train to Waterloo was delayed by a minute (no explanation), while the new cross above comes from the 'defective' train ahead of us on the Bakerloo Line which took me from there to Edgware Road at a further three minutes' delay).  That announcement followed immediately by one stating there were no problems on any line.  Apparently with not even a hint of a blush at that little bare-faced lie.
Total delay of five minutes (£12.50) when you factor in the later connection I was forced to take.

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