Thursday, 29 November 2012

A cold and frosty morning

There's not a lot to say (points for recognising where the quote comes from without Googling it, though).  TfL broke with its record of timeliness outside of rush hour a little, with a four-minute late arrival of my train in Waterloo, and three further minutes on the Bakerloo Line to Edgware Road.  Six minutes late to my final destination in total: £15.

The cold and frosty morning interests me, though, because after all the recent rains, you'd think conditions would be ripe for the 'slippery rail conditions' delays I've heard a couple of times recently.  Was TfL just better prepared this time, or is it just evidence of the fact they just make up the excuses as they go along because they don't really give a shit?  Maybe it's a game for employees to see who can come up with new excuses?  Categories for outlandish, believable, how long you can get away with saying nothing, etc., etc.?  Try out the random delays excuse generator for yourselves to see how much fun this can be.

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