Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Today will be a GOOD day

Just like that.  (Image credit: Stumbler)
Because I'll be having drinks at Stein's in Kingston after work with some friends - and they're theming it their own Oktoberfest.  Lederhosen and Dirndls all round, which should at least be amusing, while the high quality German beer is the icing on the cake!

If only travelling the TfL system was as pleasant: yesterday's journey home included a five minute delay on arrival at Hampton Court.  This morning, traffic caused me to miss my train (again) and the next one arrived at Hampton Court 11 minutes late (owing to a delayed earlier train - another tick for this week's Tube Bingo card).  It had caught up three minutes by arrival in Waterloo, to be 'only' eight minutes late.  Of course, this meant I had to take a later connecting tube than originally advised by Journey Planner, which was delayed a further minute.

All told, I arrived at Edgware Road nine minutes later than I should have, which adds up to another £22.50.

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