Thursday, 18 October 2012

A metre of German sausage

UPDATE: Just to round up the end of the day: three-minute delay on the train from Waterloo to Hampton Court for £7.50.

Last night's Oktoberfest at Stein's in Kingston was awesome!  The five of us, in addition to drinking lots of beer from two-pint steins, accepted the metre of sausage challenge:

(almost) Before


The slightly demonic look on that chap's face is known as 'meat rage', and is a good thing.

OK, no-one challenged us to eat this in any way, other than ourselves, and OK, I never want to eat another sausage ever again EVER, but overall this can only be described as a life-altering event.  This platter is designed for eight people and was eaten by five (excluding the filler foods of potato and salad - schoolboy error to fall for that!).  We are members of an elite group.  You, dear reader, are not, though you can always attempt to join.  I daren't even tell you the professions of the people around this table: it would shake your faith in the way the business of the country is run.  Quite frankly, I'm embarrassed by the behaviour of such captains of industry, and I count them as friends.  What you would think doesn't bear thinking about, if you'll pardon the wording.

Now, on to the travel updates.  To get to this salubrious event yesterday, I of course travelled to a different station than usual: Kingston.  That train got delayed by eight minutes, owing to signal failure (another scratch for Tube Bingo).

The night bus I took home from here was 12 minutes late, according to the notes I've found on my mobile phone, even if the typing is somewhat suspect.

This morning, we did fairly well: just two minutes' delay on the train into Waterloo, and the connecting tube was on time, though of course it was a later tube than I would have been able to catch had the initial train been on time, making me in total five minutes later than I should have been.

So, since yesterday morning, that's 25 minutes and £62.50 added to the tally.

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