Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Nope, right back on form again

I have a messy head cold at the moment, so after being in the office for about three hours, I decided to head for home during lunch and work from here to spare everyone else my germs.  Timing seemed to work best for the District Line route, so I aimed for the 12:45 from Edgware Road to Wimbledon, which would give me plenty of time to change to the connecting train to Hampton Court.  I forgot that 'plenty of time' is a relative measure.

The tube arrived at Edgware Road nine minutes late, and this had lengthened to 11 minutes by the time we got to Wimbledon, causing me to miss my connection and wait half an hour for the next one.  That train arrived four minutes late, and was six minutes late by the time it got to its final stop.

That gives us a grand total of... wait for it... 36 minutes' delay over Journey Planner's advertised times.  No explanations were offered at any point.  So that's another £90.  Is that the record?  I can't remember.  And, for those curious, my Tube Bingo card stands thusly for this week, just two days in:

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