Tuesday, 9 October 2012

That was a good one!

Awesome journey in today: my train from Hampton Court to Waterloo was delayed 32 minutes, thanks to a passenger taken ill on a train at Wimbledon (later corrected to 'between Wimbledon and Waterloo'), which caused a huge backlog of trains.  THAT'S A 32 MINUTE DELAY ON A TRAIN JOURNEY WHICH SHOULD TAKE 30 MINUTES!

The connecting Bakerloo Line train I had to take to Edgware Road was on time, but I still arrived at that final destination 34 minutes later than I should have, which adds £85 to the bill by my reckoning.

No for the burning question: where does that leave my game of Tube Bingo this week, if we include yesterday's fiascoes?
Nothing looks too promising yet, but it's only Tuesday morning!

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