Monday, 15 October 2012

It's cold enough to freeze the signals in red

At least, I assume that's the case.  My train into Waterloo this morning was delayed by four minutes with no explanation, and the connecting tube I then had to take was delayed by another two (arrived in Waterloo a minute late, and lost a further minute on the journey to Edgware Road owing to being held at red signals (first square in Tube Bingo comes nice and early this week).

Overall, because of having to take a later connecting tube with times that didn't work as well, I was delayed by 11 minutes for £27.50.

In other news, it seems that ITV has cottoned on to the Beatles story I posted last week.  While I didn't uncover that one myself, better late than never ITV.  Better late than never.

UPDATE: now Reuters is playing catch-up with Signal Failure...

UPDATE 2: Just a two minute delay on the way home today, accumulated on the train from Waterloo to Hampton Court.  £5.

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