Thursday, 4 October 2012

Take 5 - no, make that 12

UPDATE: went to a meeting this afternoon in the City.  I took the 13:44 from Paddington, which was meant to arrive at Farringdon at 14:00.  Instead, it arrived three minutes late and was subsequently held in a tunnel between stations at a red signal.  After that, they decided to terminate the tube at the very next stop, Edgware Road.  Not only was no explanation given for this, it was in no way intimated that this hadn't always been the plan.  The next train along to Farringdon should have been the 13:52, which was a minute late.  I arrived at Farringdon four minutes late in the end.

Heading straight home from this meeting, rather than back to the office, my train from Chancery Lane to Waterloo was delayed, but not enough to make me miss my connecting overground, so it doesn't count.  The three minute delay of that train, however, does.  So that's another £17.50 for today.

Traffic caused me to miss my train this morning - irritatingly, I arrived in the car park in time to seem the train pulling away.  That doesn't count, though (I'd be considerably theoretically richer if it did).  What does count is the two-minute delay on the next train in I caught (no explanation offered), and the subsequent three-minute delay on the Bakerloo Line train I was forced to catch following that (again, no explanation offered).

Five minutes in total: £12.50.

In other news, Brixton's underground station was temporarily closed this morning, apparently due to an earlier signal failure at Vauxhall.  Quite how this causes a station elsewhere to close, I don't know, but TfL (according to information at the time of writing) couldn't be bothered to report the closure and pretended the Victoria Line was suffering from only 'minor delays', while allowing regular commuters to queue outside on the streets on this particularly brisk October morning.

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