Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Choo choo!

UPDATE: a seven minute delay to the train from Wimbledon to Hampton Court coming home this evening.  £17.50 more for the coffers.

Made it onto the 08:24, thanks to better traffic conditions than yesterday, and aggressive (but accident-free, at least in my immediate vicinity) driving.  That train was delayed by eight minutes for no particular reason, which meant I had to get a later Bakerloo Line train than planned.  This one, however, ran on time, so I ended up 'only' eight minutes late at my final destination, Edgware Road.  Or, as TfL likes to call it "on time".

In other news, if you're a retailer in Holloway, TfL is trialling the latest endeavour in its evil master plan to choke commerce in the entire city of London: fining people for shopping.

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