Thursday, 17 January 2013

Fiery shitstorm

The tube from Edgware Road to Waterloo was delayed by a minute going home yesterday afternoon, which didn't matter as it did not cause me to miss my connecting train to Hampton Court (pick-up shift for my daughter).  The train was a couple of minutes late, however, so that's a fiver.

This morning, I had drop-off duty, and the train in from Hampton Court was seven minutes delayed.  This caused me to miss my conencting tube, and the one I did take was two minutes late arriving at my final destination - overall a 10-minute delay on the published arrival time.

So that's £30 altogether since yesterday morning.

In other news, Victoria station was evacuated this morning owing to a fire on a Gatwick Express train.  A horrifically busy interchange at the best of times, that must have been fun if you had to travel through it this morning.

Far be it from this blog to resort to toilet humour, but on a lighter note, Morden station is kicking up a shit-storm about the lack of toilet facilities - more than a decade after they were decommissioned.

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