Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Hit me baby one more time

Last night, I had a five-minute delay on Bakerloo Line from Edgware Road to Waterloo caused me to miss the connecting train.  The next one left 18 minutes later and was four minutes late by the time it passed through Surbiton (the last stop within Zones 1-6 and therefore within TfL's network, though not my final destination).  Overall, I arrived 30 minutes later than I should have, which caused me to miss the NCT class I had with my wife.  If there are any complications with the birth of my son in April that I don't know how to handle, that might well be TfL's fault now.

This morning, there was a nine minute delay from Hersham (Surbiton) to Waterloo, then the tube delivered me one minute earlier than expected, making for an eight minute delay overall.

Since yesterday morning, therefore, TfL has wasted 38 minutes of my time, which equates to £95.  No explanations were offered for any of these delays at any point.

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