Monday, 14 January 2013

The weekend is just the beginning

Just a two minute delay caused by the snow this morning on the Hersham to Waterloo journey, which is fairly impressive.  Especially when you consider the Bakerloo Line had a one minute delay from Waterloo to Edgware Road, which is fully half that of South West Trains.  And the tube's underground!  Though to be fair, the delay there was attributed to 'earlier signalling problems'...

Less impressive was the coda to last week's experiences, which saw me go to a party in Clapham Junction on Saturday night (thanks Time and Kate: it was awesome!) and receive a delay coming home of exactly two hours, also owing to signalling problems (at the Hampton Court junction, for those who care).  It wasn't a total bust, of course, because there was a nice big pool of congealed vomit in my carriage too.  Lovely.

So, altogether, I make that a delay of 123 minutes for another £307.50

Interestingly, Thisiscroyden reports that TfL is reporting no disruption on bu routes, whilst simultaneously blaming snow for the slow running of services, which as fine an example of doublethink as I've seen for a go while.

Also interesting is that TfL apparently collected around £251m more in fares than they had forecast in the last two years (though I don't know the source for this claim and can't vouch for its veracity, coming as it does from a politician).

That ought to do it for now.  May your journeys home not be delayed.  But I won't be holding my breath.

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