Thursday, 24 January 2013

Something about air quality claims stinks to high heaven

UPDATE: Well, I said I'd be taking a slightly unusual journey home, so I guess I'd better share (though I'm afraid it's anti-climactic): Gunnersbury to Norbiton to pick up the daughter, then drive home from there.  The reason for this is that I had a meeting near Gunnersbury to round out the day.  My tube was delayed by four minutes.  £10.

Two minutes late arriving into Waterloo from Hersham this morning, and though the tube ran on time, the fact that it was a later one than I should have been able to take made me three minutes late overall.  Not bad, but that's still another £7.50 you owe me, TfL.

Meanwhile, TfL is claiming success in improving air quality in the capital, despite stories earlier this year reporting some areas that had exceeded annual smog limits just 10 days into the 2013.  Something doesn't tally there, and I suspect I don't need to spell it out for anyone.

Have a nice day, everyone.  I'll have a slightly unusual journey home this afternoon, and will try update again once (if!) I've got my daughter safely tucked up tonight.

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