Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The journey so nice, I paid for it twice

UPDATE: Tube to Waterloo running two minutes late, but didn't affect my connecting train to Norbiton, so no charge.  However, that train was two minutes late arriving at Norbiton, so that'll be another fiver.

Sorry about the lack of update yesterday: I had a traffic nightmare, compounded by managing to leave my laptop bag at the child minder's and having to return for it.  Long story short, the way the trains would have then worked out for me meant it was likely I wouldn't have got to work before 11:00, so I elected to work from home instead, having mostly a series of conference calls to attend anyway...

The train from Hersham to Waterloo was seven minutes' delayed this morning, causing me to be late for a breakfast meeting at Soho House.  Thanks for that.  Incidentally, the connecting Northern Line train I had to take to Leicester Square was also a minute delayed.  Finally, the Bakerloo Line from Oxford Circus to Paddington after the meeting added another two-minute delay for a grand total of 10 minutes and £25.  Plus £6.80 for my second ticket: £31.80.

On top of this, the ticket machine at Hersham took my payment for a single to Waterloo and then proceeded to print on air - I received no ticket or receipt.  So when I got to Waterloo, I had to pay a second time for my delayed journey.

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