Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Blast from the past

Well lookee here: seems you've all discovered Signal Failure again after your holidays, at least if my traffic is anything to go by!

Had drop-off duty for the Tiny Terror this morning, so took my old route into work (Hampton Court to Waterloo, Waterloo to Edgware Road).  First leg was two minutes late, which is not all that bad considering some of my recent run of luck.  Had a 16-minute delay on the tube leg of the journey, however.  First, we stopped in a station and were told we were being delayed because 'the controller had asked us to stay here', which is an interesting interpretation of what constitutes an explanation.  Better, of course, than subsequently stopping in tunnels three times with no explanation, which is what followed.  And, finally, being told that the rest of the journey would be delayed so we could all get off and choose other routes if we wanted to go to Wembley.  Which was both bizarre and uninformative.  So a pretty interesting morning, all in all!

Here are those totals for you: 18 minutes and £45.

How was your commute?


Anonymous said...

How many hits are you getting

Signal Failure said...

Nowhere near the 10m or so regular sufferers/commuters I would have liked (feel free to help with that by spreading the word), but while numbers over Christmas nose-dived, they've suddenly shot up six-or-seven-fold in the past couple of days back to the usual ('normal' slow days coming in around 70-80 hits, better days more like 150).

You can see from the number of unique hits on the counter at the bottom of the page that Signal Failure's probably not going to make the top 10 most visited sites on the web any time soon...